Revealed: The Secrets Behind Mastering Your Cravings

Part 1: The REAL Cause of Cravings

 Over the next week, we’re going to run a three-part series explaining the cause of cravings, how to prevent them, and how to fight them when they strike. Here’s Part 1: the REAL Cause of Cravings.
 Secrets Behind Mastering Your Cravings

The hardest part about many diets is the terrible feeling of hunger that lasts anywhere from the first few days to several weeks. While the HCG used in HCG Triumph kits contains an appetite suppressant to make these cravings a little less severe, it’s still hard being hungry!

Fortunately you’re not alone in your fight. Incredible scientific breakthroughs by top nutritionists have revealed the secrets behind cravings and how to overcome them. To help you master your cravings and succeed on your diet, we’ve created this special 3-part series to help you understand your cravings and the secrets of how to keep them under control.

What REALLY Causes Cravings

To understand how to fight cravings, it’s important to understand where they come from. Today’s installment in this series will talk about the origin of cravings.
When we think of cravings, we often assume they’re the result of some physical need for a certain type of food. Actually, according to many researchers, our cravings have more of a psychological cause than physical.
According to Stanford University professor Dr. Kelly McGonigal, 

[Cravings] originate from reward-processing activity in the brain. Then they become conscious, that is, integrated with a feeling of “longing” and elaborated on with conscious thoughts (including motivated reasoning on why it might be a good idea to enact the craving). (link)

When we eat a food we like, our brains release a chemical that gives us pleasure. Just like the effect of drugs on the brain, these cravings are a way for our brain to “request” a substance that will make us feel good. Some factors that can contribute to cravings are:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Body needs such as hunger
  • Highly emotional situations
  • Feelings of loneliness or depression
  • Boredom

There may be others depending on your personal situations and needs. Once you understand that cravings are NOT simply the result of physically wanting a food, you’re able to apply the secrets to mastering your cravings!

Secrets to Overcome Cravings

No matter how prepared you are at the beginning of a diet, you’re going to encounter cravings at some time or another. Don’t worry–this is normal! There are some secret techniques you can use before, during and after cravings to be strong when the food temptation strikes.

Check back Thursday to learn more about these secrets and how to beat your cravings before they even happen!

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