5 Tips for Your Post-Diet Wardrobe

Tips For Your Post-Diet WardrobeThere’s still a little bit of time left for the Beach Body bundle – our most amazing sale of the year, and one that’s even better this year with the addition of a FREE diet consultation valued at $200.

Our Beach Body bundle has been so successful in previous years, it’s created somewhat of a problem for our dieters: once they finish the diet, they’ve lost so much weight they need to buy an entirely new wardrobe. And let’s be honest – when you slim down, you’ll look too good to wear sweatpants to work. You’ll want clothes that look great; clothes that show your friends, family, coworkers and more how much work you put into your diet and how successful your efforts have been.

However, buying a new wardrobe can be somewhat expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to find attractive clothing for the new you that won’t be ridiculously out of your price range. Here are some of the top tips to finding a new wardrobe on the cheap after your diet.

Thrift stores

This one is the most obvious, so it’s the one we’ll start with. Thrift stores are an excellent way to get a ton of new clothes inexpensively. It takes a little bit of work to find the best deals – usually, you can’t simply show up on any random day and expect to find your perfect clothes. But if you try checking out a few of the thrift stores in your area a couple times a week, you’ll almost always find an outfit that flatters your new body.

Close that always look good

One of the secrets to being able to find inexpensive clothing is finding clothes that always look good no matter what season or year it is. This means avoiding extremes in colors, styles and more, and instead finding a style that’s your own and then building a wardrobe based around that. An easy way to do this is to develop a personal color palette. Which covers look best on you? Which colors seem to define you?

By creating a palette of colors that all of your clothes fit in, your clothing will be much more versatile, You will be able to mix-and-match easily, and you will know whether or not a piece of clothing you’re considering is something you will actually wear once it reaches your closet. Plus, if you develop your own style and colors, you will it will be easier to shop at thrift stores and closeout stores. Which brings us to…

Closeout racks

Just because the season is over doesn’t mean it doesn’t look great. If you shop carefully, you can find deals that outlet stores and on closeout racks it will look at any time of the year. Just like outlet stores, check these frequently to take advantage of the best deals.

Go online!

Finally, the Internet has become an incredible resource for people trying to find new clothes. Every store is a little bit different regarding size, so try to buy clothing from the online store that has a good return policy. You may need to exchange an article of clothing a few times before you get it right, but when you do, the savings and how great you will look make it completely worth it.

Hopefully, these tips will get you thinking about two things: first, how great it will be when you’ve lost weight you can find me where those clothes you dreamed about, and second, ideas to help you find where you going to actually purchase a new wardrobe.

Our Beach Body Bundle is almost over, and there’s only a few days left to take advantage of these remarkable savings. Don’t miss out on our sale of the year – one that’s better than ever before due to our free diet consultation. If you’re serious about transforming your body and your life, order today and give us a call and we will work with you to help you make a plan to lose weight for good.

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