What’s the HCG Diet Controversy Really About?

HCG Diet Controversy All AboutIf you’re new to the HCG Diet, you’ve probably heard a lot of different things about whether the diet works or not, whether it’s safe, and whether it’s just water packaged in a way to scam people out of their money

. We live in a pretty sketchy day and age a lot of the time, so these are legitimate concerns. This post is intended to address the questions regarding the HCG Diet controversy and let you know the honest truth about the HCG Diet and whether it’s worth your time and money.

What about FDA Approval?

Our HCG Drops are produced in a 100% FDA-approved facility, making them free from contaminants or any of the other frequent problems associated with other drops.

Are Your HCG Drops Real?

Yep! Unlike the drops you can pick up at your local drug store, HCG Triumph uses real HCG hormone that’s derived from a homeopathic process.

I Thought the FDA Said HCG Couldn’t Be Described as Homeopathic – How Can You Claim Your Drops Are Real?

It’s true the FDA hasn’t updated their directory of homeopathy in over 50 years, but that doesn’t mean we don’t use a genuine homeopathic process to extract real hormone HCG and process it into our drops. This allows us to have what we believe is the most authentic, real HCG drops available for purchase. Don’t take our word for it – just check out what our users have to say on Facebook or our testimonials.

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Do HCG Diet Drops Actually Work? I’ve Heard Only HCG Injections Can Help You Lose Weight

There’s a widely spread belief that HCG drops simply don’t work – and that’s simply not true. Just take a look at our testimonials page to see how many real people like you and me use the HCG Diet and lose a lot of weight. If you want more proof, you can visit HCGdiet.com┬áto follow Lowery’s HCG diet journey and read about how she’s lose over 100 pounds using our HCG drops.

What Makes Your Drops Different Than the Ones I Can Buy at My Local Drug Store?

If you’ve ever tried the drugstore HCG drops, you’ll notice something important: you’ll feel incredibly hungry all the time! This is among the leading causes of cheating on the HCG diet, preventing dieters from actually losing weight. Our drops are different because they have appetite control built right into the drops. Those who use our drops report feeling much less hungry when they’re on the very-low-calorie-diet portion of the HCG protocol.

The HCG Diet has helped our clients lose weight they’ve struggled with for years. It can help you, too. Read our testimonials for more information.


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