10 Things That Cause Water Retention & Bloating

10 Things Causing Water Retention and Bloating1. Too Much Salt

10 Things Causing Water Retention and Bloating
We add it to the food we cook, we consume it in processed foods. Salty foods are everywhere, and they are a major culprit in causing water retention. Salty foods are high in sodium. Sodium triggers thirst to help balance
out electrolytes in our bodies. So when we drink water, our body may retain that water to help balance out the sodium we’ve consumed. Water retention can show up on the scale and our bodies as soon as the day after eating salty foods. It’s temporary, but frustrating. The good news is that water retention from salt can usually be avoided. Decrease your sodium intake by using seasonings that are sodium free, avoiding processed foods, and taking the table salt off the table.

4. Oral Contraceptives2 .  Medications
Certain medications can cause fluid retention. Chances are your doctor warned you about the side effect when you started the medication, but if you are unsure, do some research on your prescription’s side effects to see if it could be the cause of your bloating. If it is, ask your doctor if there is anything you can do to minimize it. It’s important to work with your doctor to find a solution that you both feel comfortable. Whatever you do, don’t go off your medication without consulting your doctor first.
3. Pre-Menstrual Cycle
10 Things Causing Water Retention and Bloating
Ever noticed that you feel bloated and yucky the first few days of your period? Well it’s no coincidence. As your body begins its monthly cycle, hormone levels in your body change. These changes trigger different reactions that signal your body to store water. Water retention is most common a few days before and a few days in to your period. It is temporary, but you can help reduce it by drinking plenty of water and staying active.

Oral contraceptives containing estrogen have been known to trigger water retention. Much like our advice in the medication section, we recommend talking to your doctor for options to reduce this side effect.

5. Physical Inactivity
Long flights or sitting at a desk for too long can cause water retention. Because your blood isn’t circulating very well, it builds up in your capillaries causing water to get pushed out. It’s then difficult for water to return the the capillaries later on. Your body has a difficult time regulating water levels which can then lead to water retention. If you know you have a long flight ahead of you, make sure to stand up a couple of times during the flight to increase blood flow. If you sit a desk for work all day, get up as much as possible.

6. Allergies
10 Things Causing Water Retention and Bloating
An excess of histamine causes your capillaries to dilate and leak. This allows excess fluid to get trapped inside the dilated capillaries, thus causing water retention. Avoid allergens whenever possible to reduce this side effect

7. Carbonation.

You know those fun little bubbles in your soda? Those ones that burn your throat just right? Well, turns out that your favorite carbonated beverage can cause some major bloating. All those little bubbles build up in your stomach. A stomach full of air can make you look and feel puffy. Ditch the carbonation and stick with water.

8. Inflammation

Ever notice how your weight goes up a couple days after you have a really intense workout? What’s happening is common. Your body is retaining water in an effort to repair muscles that were broken down during your workout. You can help minimize this type of water retention by foam rolling after a workout. This helps massage your muscles, release lactic acid, and speed up recovery. Don’t let the slight increase on the scale discourage you. It’s not fat, it’s actually the opposite. Your body is responding to your efforts.

9. MalnutritionLow consumption of B vitamins increases water retention. Be sure you are taking a daily multivitamin to give your body the nutrition it needs to properly function.

10. Artificial Sweeteners
Your body has a hard time digesting certain sweeteners. Especially artificial ones. Gases are released during this long digestive process which in turn causes bloating. Ditch the artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols and stick with stevia. Your tummy will thank you.

How to minimize bloating and water retention?

Lemonade Diet

Certain types of bloating are inevitable. It’s hard to prevent bloating due to medications, your menstrual cycle, birth control, inflammation & allergies, but there are things you can do to get rid of that extra water more quickly than just letting it run its course. The best way? Detoxing. Decrease salt, eat lots of veggies and fruit, and start flushing harmful toxins out of your system. That’s where all natural Lemonade Diet comes in. Lemonade diet is a detoxifying beverage that can be added to your daily regimen. It is zero calorie and contains high quality ingredients that help your body release toxins and excess water. It’s an easy solution to a very uncomfortable problem. While you may not always be able to prevent water retention, you don’t need to live with it for long. Which one of these 10 things have you experienced?


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