AHHHH….Sometimes I want to scream, "What the Crud am I doing!"

I Want To Scream, What Am I DoingSometimes making changes in your life is just frustrating. You do a good job for a bit and then life begins to take control. Juggling several life changes at once isn’t easy, and now you have just added weight loss to the pile. Counting calories, exercising, and removing the comfort foods that help you cope, ARE YOU KIDDING ME! You are motivated, and you know you want to make a change. You have a physique in mind that you want to achieve and believe that with a little bit of work (maybe two weeks) you can achieve it. At work you see that co-worker that has it all, the title, the looks, the lifestyle and so much more. You begin to wonder why the only thing you were blessed with was a friendly disposition.

A week or two of your diet goes by, and you are doing good. A little disappointed that you still look like Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants instead of the Greek god you thought you would be, but it’s still manageable. Then someone starts the fan, and, you guessed right, something hits it! You have a major deadline at work, your relationship is on the rocks, and running the kids back and forth makes it impossible to eat healthy. Before you know it, a big soda and McDonald’s cheese burger become your best friends. You come home tired and look in the mirror, realize that you screwed up, and begin asking the question “Why am I even doing this? I can’t change!” You go to bed preparing to wake up in the morning and try it again. This time with less energy, less motivation, and looking for a reason to quit. Throughout the day you see that perfect co-worker, you know the one that has everything and does nothing to deserve it. The sparkle that shimmers from their teeth is now blinding and causes you to place your head ever so lightly on your desk, repetitively faster and faster, harder and harder. You see your reflection in every mirror and window telling you how dumpy you look. You think to yourself that it would just be easier to quit. On your way home from work, you grab a Big Gulp and your favorite comfort food, sit in front of the TV, and give in to that stupid little voice that says you can’t do it. Meanwhile ignoring the other voice that has been quietly encouraging you to rise above.

Did I sum it up? Please say that I did. Because it will suck being the only one that feels this way. It is hard to change. So, what can you do to get passed these difficult days? Trust me, these days only last for a little while, and, if you can get through them, you will begin to feel like a champion. The more you conquer these hard days, the less doubts and criticisms will enter your head. The quiet, positive voice inside becomes louder and more confident. That timid positivity begins to speak up and becomes even louder than that pesky negative voice. All of a sudden an amazing thing happens. You begin to believe in yourself. Most importantly, you believe you can do hard things and make positive changes in your life. You then realize that you have the power to make other changes in your life. IT IS AWESOME! That is what you are after. It is not about losing weight. It is about finding these principles of confidence. Once you find these principles, you can achieve anything.

During low days, how do you RISE above?



Resist – Simply just don’t give in. Just don’t do it. Take time to think before you give in to doubt and negativity. You can beat this moment of weakness. So, beat it.



Identify – As you are taking the time to breathe, identify what is causing you to want to give up. Usually it is stress from somewhere else. Find out what it is. When under stress, your body looks for a habitual behavior to fall into so it can feel comfortable. Like an animal of prey, your body goes after and attacks the weakest link. Usually it is your newest habit, your diet. Protect it! Don’t give in. Surround it and defend it.



Shout out – Ok this might sound a little strange but it works. Shout out, “I CAN DO THIS!” If you have to walk somewhere else to do it, walk somewhere else. Shouting out loud disrupts the thought pattern and stops that inner self-doubter from taking over.



Exercise – Drop and give me 20! I don’t care what you do but move. Running, jumping jacks, or simply, “Lean to the left. Lean to the right. Stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight!”


Well, take it or leave it. These are some of the things I do to help me RISE above the difficult days. The more I rise above, the closer I get to achieving my weight loss goals. It’s really that simple.

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