Appetite Control and Xilo Gum – A Dynamic Duo for Craving Control!

xilo gumYou’re going about your day, minding your own business when suddenly, it strikes! It’s the hungry beast attacking again, and it’s standing between you and your goal of losing weight! Who can save the day and subdue the hungry beast? How can you overcome cravings while you slim down?

Don’t worry – the dynamic duo are on their way! The combined powers of Appetite control and Xilo Gum from Blue Earth Nutrition are enough to crush any hunger cravings.

But how do these two superheroes work together to save your day? Keep reading to find out the secret source of their powers.

Appetite Control – The Power to Suppress Appetite

Having a hard time preventing those stomach grumblies from capturing your willpower? The force of Appetite Control will help you overcome the temptation to cheat! With the powers of natural ingredients combined, Appetite Control is the captain craving-killer! It brings together fiery raspberry ketones for a red-hot metabolism boost and mystical hoodie gordonii for energy increases! It’s a force to be reckoned with, but it’s not alone!

Xilo Gum – Classic Power of Gum given HCG Diet-Approved Power!

Gum has long been known as a source of strength for dieters trying to keep cravings from breaking loose and wreaking havoc. There’s something about havinga piece of gum in your mouth that makes it easier to avoir cheating. However, most gums aren’t approved for the HCG Diet! How do you get the benefits of gum without losing your diet resolve?

Fortunately, Xilo Gum is rushing to the scene! It’s now easier than ever to help manage your appetite through gum. Plus, Xilo Gum uses its many delicious flavors to help with variety and keeping things tasty!

(Okay, we know this blog post was . . . corny. But it’s superhero week, and we couldn’t think of any better way to show how powerful the combination of Appetite Control and Xilo gum really are!  We’ve got an incredible sale starting on April 4, and we wanted to celebrate. Plus, it’s April Fool’s Day – what better time to have some fun?)

Keep checking back to learn how you can join forces with this dynamic duo in the fight against obesity and return to the golden age of great health!

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  • Teresa

    is there a coupon code to enter at checkout to get the free gum offer w/ the purchase of the HCG Appetite Control?

    • Matt

      No, you just need to go to the purchase page. Thanks!

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