How to Pamper Yourself While You Diet

Keeping yourself busy will help you to get your mind off the stresses of food and dieting. You spend each day obsessing and making sure you don’t cheat and that can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. Make sure you are taking care of your personal wellness. Make time for yourself and start rewarding yourself physically and mentally. Tell yourself “I Deserve this!” because you do.  Anyone who is working so hard to lose weight, get fit, and be healthy deserves a break and the kind of pampering treat that won’t ruin their diet progress! Here are 5 ideas to help you pamper yourself while you stick to your diet.

1.    Go to the SPA! And order a massage, a facial, a Manicure, or a pedicure.

How To Pamper YourselfDieting and exercising can be stressful so getting a relaxing massage or Mani/Pedi can be very helpful.

I know it sounds like a dream, but find a way to get a massage! They have immense benefits for your mind and body. For instance, massages can help decrease stress hormones, regulating normal hormones, eliminating toxins, and just making you feel AMAZING!

If a professional massage is out of your budget you can look up a local massage school and have a student work on your tough areas. I often go to the massage schools and they do a great job! You could also get your husband/friend/partner to dedicate one night a month to making you feel relaxed, and you can do the same for them! It’s a win win for everyone! And it is a wonderful service you each can give to build your relationship.

You can also get a facial! Since dieting can help detoxify your body and clear up your skin, you might need a rejuvenating facial to show off your new, radiant look.

2.    Plan a Trip or a nice weekend getaway with your loved one!

We all work during the day and throughout the week. It can be beneficial for your mental and emotional health to get away and relax for a few days. So mark the calendar to give you something to look forward to and search for places (they don’t have to very far away) that can help you

3.    Spend a day exploring something local and have a day out in town!

If it is too expensive for your budget to get out of town then spend a day in town at the places you are too busy to see when you are working. Search what your city has to offer. There is a reason people come visit your area so find out what gems there are in your own backyard. Some great places to see locally would be an Art Museum, Aquarium, planetarium, the zoo, or a historical building! Go to your local tour office in town or search online, and seek out all the things your city/town is known for and spend the day exploring and enjoying it.

4.    Take time to indulge in a small luxury for yourself.

You may not get a whole day at the spa, but you can learn to take advantage of those brief moments where you can splurge and pamper yourself with something you like. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to relax and feel pampered. Here are some fun ideas to help you find a way to treat yourself.

If you have $5 bucks…

How To Pamper Yourself
Go to the drugstore and pick up a new bottle of nail polish and give yourself a manicure or buy a new face mask cream and give yourself a facial at home.Go to your favorite bookstore and buy a paperback romance or adventure novel, a gossip magazine, or a new journal.

If you have $10 bucks…

While you are at the store getting necessities pick out a new eye shadow or a new color lipstick.

Go to a new movie you’ve wanted to see with a friend and sit a café after talking about it.

Download ten new songs on iTunes and dance to them for half an hour or play them while you take a relaxing bath.

If you have $20 bucks…

Buy yourself something you’ve been wanting but haven’t spent the money on like a new skirt or buy a new blouse! A new piece of clothing is always fun to get.

Find a completely unnecessary — but super cute – accessory and get it!

Pay a babysitter and get out of the house for a couple hours.

Toss out all your raggedy, faded, and stretched-out underwear and order some sexy new ones online.

5.    MAKE time for you each day and Meditate

I know what you are thinking “when do I have time to think? How can I meditate?” We all get busy but making the time to do this will help your mental health and helped you stay focused.

Step 1: GET OUT OF BED to feel better…I know it sounds crazy! I always think life will be better if I stay in bed and sleep longer but if you wake up early and MOVE for one whole hour and you will thank me after!

No matter how many times your baby got up last night, or your job kept you up checking emails, or you stayed up late consoling your friend over the phone… get up early! Staying ahead of schedule will free up some time for you and give you the energy to deal with kids, work, or whatever else may come your way throughout the busy day. Do not put off YOU-time for later, it will never happen and it will get consumed by your other responsibilities!

After getting out of bed, it is time to wake up. Make sure you stretch and sweat each morning. Stretching will keep those muscles lean and long and get your heart pumping and blood circulating. Then exercise and start sweating! Sweating will assure you have pushed yourself hard enough to help your body burn calories, and stimulate your metabolism to speed up! You want to get yourself in a burn consistently so you can reach your goals. Stay motivated by focusing on your breakfast of your favorite cup of herbal tea or coffee and a bowl of fruit.

Step 2: Meditate for 10 minutes

How To Pamper YourselfJust as exercise promotes endorphins for the body, meditation is rejuvenation for the mind. Some of the easiest forms of meditation could be listening to your slow and deep breath, or sitting in a quiet place and just letting your thoughts flow clearly. Meditation can be difficult to squeeze in a crazy day with kids, school or work.

If you are home with children, do it before waking them up for the day or during nap time.

If you are working, you can try and take a walk outside the building during break. Focus on your breathing and repeating something positive like “Don’t worry about it, Let it go” or “it’s so beautiful today”. Make sure you take at least 5 long seconds on the inhalation and 5 long seconds to release and exhale.

How do you feel?

Losing weight is tough, and it is something that you should feel proud of. Reward yourself accordingly!

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